Let's talk conservation

Bi-annual meeting for Zambezi conservancies. (Photo: Gareth Bentley/WWF 2015

Did you know that Namibia is the first country in Africa to incorporate environmental protection in its constitution?

Article 95 of Namibia’s Constitution has allowed for the formation of several policies that enable rural communal communities to directly benefit from natural resources, one of them being the National Policy on Community Based Natural Resource Management (CBNRM).

CBNRM is a sustainable conservation and tourism development programme from which rural communities in communal areas derive social and economic benefits. Since the country’s independence in 1990, the CBNRM programme has proven to be an important instrument for the government to meet its goals with respect to conservation and sustainable development. The programme currently comprises 86 conservancies, 1 community conservation association, and 43 registered and emerging community forests, with over 220,000 Namibians.

To learn more about CBNRM and overall conservation and environmental issues in Namibia, tune into NBC National Radio 92.6 FM every Thursday at 9 am and listen to presenters from the sector who will be discussing different topics such as game counts, sustainable wildlife use, human-wildlife conflict and other interesting topics on CBNRM.

This educational and infomercial program is sponsored by the Community Conservation Fund of Namibia to raise public awareness on environmental matters particularly related to the CBNRM programme. CBNRM key activities, success stories, achievements, and challenges will also be touched on, and thereafter a dialogue to engage with the public.

The aim of these talks is to enhance knowledge on conservation and environmental management and CBNRM as a tool to meet the local and international development goals such as Vision 2030 and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Should you happen to miss the show, please find the radio recordings on the CCFN website.  Make sure to tune in and enjoy the talks every Thursdays, same time.

Victoria Amon