Financing Targets

What are the financing and investment targets?

The CCFN has three financing windows; Minimum Support Package (MSP), Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) and Payment for Ecosystem Services (PES).

For the MSP a long-term financing and gap analysis was conducted based upon a 15 year projection that would sustain the minimum requirements of up to 100 communal conservancies in Namibia.

Approximately US$5.8 million (N$ 78 million) per year is required to provide critical services to conservancies and national level CBNRM Programme support costs. This figure will taper down to approximately US$4.7 million (N$ 64 million) by year 11.

These funding requirements will be covered through the creation of an endowment fund of approximately US$33 million to permanently cover essential programmatic support costs and a sinking fund of approximately US$ 17 million to cover the remaining critical and on-going development support costs over the next 10 years.

Funding Structure

Financing structure

*MSP: Minimum Support Package
HWC: Human Wildlife Conflict
PES: Payment for Ecosystem Services